World Hunger Day

May 28th is a very special day that many people may forget about. World Hunger Day is a day for people to raise awareness for this terrible situation, but also it’s a day to celebrate the achievements that people who are already ending their own hunger. I was just reading an article on the website linked if you click “World Hunger Day” and it said that about 842 million, one eighth of the world’s population lives in extreme hunger. Millions of people die each year due to starvation, two million of them being children. This makes me think what it would be like to go days or weeks without food. Im very thankful that I can go to school everyday not starving and have food at my dinner table at night. World Hunger Day is a day to show support to one another, to let each other know that were here to help and do what we can do to make this end. Earlier in this school year I was involved in a class called IC Hope witch is a class/program that helps raise money for the hungry. Im very glad I got to be apart of that because not many people go through there daily lives thinking about people who are starving in this country and even all over the world. I just hope that one day this problem in our world will end.

Three Wishes

Three Wishes

The first an endless summer

To ride my bike to sunrise

To spend hours at the beach

To laugh and make memories with my friends

The second a beach house

To wake up at the beach every morning

To run in the water

To take long walks at night

The third a vacation

To get away for a little bit

To discover new things

To spend time with my family

Three wishes

Palm Tree Sunrise at Beach Jupiter Island Florida Kim Seng via Compfight

My Community

My Community is where I grew up and have lived my entire life. Many memories have been made here that are impossible to forget. My Community has a safe and educational school and also many nice people involved in it. I live in a small community called Brielle, I am very lucky to be living and surrounded by such a good community which good examples around and people to help at any time. I live near the beach so many days in the summer I just ride my bike to the beach which not many people get to do. Brielle is a very safe and mostly happy place to live. My community is my home its where I live and where I was raised. Their is not much crime and not many bad people witch is very important.

My community may be small but it is filled with many great things such as a safe school, parks, houses and so much more. Recreational Sports are offered after school also clubs and many activities are involved in the community as well. You can never have nothing to do in my community you are mostly surrounded by things to do and most things are close in distance so I can usually either ride my bike or sometimes even walk. Everyone for the most part is nice and happy which makes my community even better! Brielle is the community that I live in and I am lucky to live in such a nice place and I couldn’t be any happier.


We are always going to have inequality in this world somewhere at sometime. Inequality is basically unfairness in a certain situation. Cheating is a big example of inequality but sometimes it’s worse then others. It’s not good to be a cheater, most people will have very low trust in you and think your unfair. Cheating can sometimes end you up in jail or it could cause you a loss of a friendship, a serious relationship and sometimes even your job or important responsibility that you may have. Many kids may think cheating is just by playing a game unfair or something small and silly like that but in the real world it could mean not being trustworthy in a marriage or doing something your not suppose to be that you know isn’t right. Cheating is not something to be proud of at all that usually means your not loyal to people around you.

You may not think of this but inequality is always going on weather your at school or even fighting in a war or going on in the walls of your house. People can be very sneaky and try to get away with things and sadly sometimes they do. Inequality is not something that’s easy to stop. Cheating can be a very serious crime sometimes and sometimes it ends important relationships forever. Being a cheater is most likely one of the worst qualities somebody could have. Unfairness goes on basically everyday in a lot of peoples daily lives. Inequality is a word that has so much meaning and it’s a very powerful word because its apart of this society today this not so great society that we all live in.